EMF Radiation Protection | ROKKOO SMART HEADBAND


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EMF Radiation Protection Headband


What it does? 

ROKKOO Smart headband neutralizes the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio-frequency (RF) waves on the brain. It protects the brain from the oppressing impact of artificial EMF sources such as Wi-Fi devices, cell phones, computers, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, electrical wiring and cell towers. ROKKOO defends your brain from an exposure to natural EMF sources during an increased solar activity such as magnetic and geomagnetic storms, helps to reduce meteoropathy and geopatic stress symptoms. 

The EMF protective textile underwent rigorous testing and its shielding effectiveness for the most dangerous frequencies for the brain of 1800 – 5300 MHz is up to 0.994 (99.4%). The device efficiency depends both on EMF power and frequency range, whereby for lower and less dangerous frequencies of 900 – 450 MHz its shielding effectiveness is reduced from 55 to 71% respectively.  

How it works?

The device is an annular conductive circuit. When an external EMF contacts the circuit, eddy induction currents Foucault's currents are induced within the conductor, generating a secondary electromagnetic field. The vector of this field is directed against the vector of an external EMF hence opposing to it Lenz's law, thereby significantly reducing the overall component of the action of the fields effect within the circuit.

EMF affects the brain and the hypothalamus, thereby lowering melatonin production in the pineal gland (epiphysis). The main function of this endocrine gland is the production of melatonin and therefore regulation of the activity of the pituitary gland (hypophysis). Thus, decreased melatonin levels will lead to an excessive activity of the hypophysis and therefore to an increased secretion of sex & growth hormones, which leads to various endocrine disorders and other negative health consequences that are described in our book and on our website. 

Wearing ROKKOO Smart headband throughout the day and/or during the night will guard the brain from EMF and hence will protect the melatonin synthesis meantime lowering the risks of the negative consequences of an excessive activity of hypophysis. Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant (anti-aging) and an immune system guard. The synthesis of melatonin is enhanced at night time and reaches its peak at 2 a.m., when the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field corresponds to its lowest grade. 

Electromagnetic spectrum

What is it made of? 

ROKKOO Smart headband is manufactured from a unique highly conductive shielding fabric, made from woven microscopic cooper threads coated with silver. The inner side of the band is fabricated from pure organic cotton. Silver also provides anti-bacterial properties and suppresses odor. 

Use Rokkoo EMF Headband: 

• No restrictions on the duration of use 
• No contraindications 
• No side effects 
• May change color after use due to contact with skin secretion 
• Color change Does Not Affect device functionality 


Rokkoo Headband Product Care: 

• Gentle hand wash or soft brushing 
• Washing on 30C/ 86F with distilled water only 
• No strong alkaline detergents 
• No bleaching 
• No wringing 
• No ironing 


Life Without Harmful EMF Means to You...  

  • You Get  - Enjoyable Deep Restful Sleep
  • Experience  - Higher Concentration, Higher Energy Levels, Superior Mental Capacity, Elevated Creativity
  • Execute - Decisions With Greater Performance
  • Balanced - Hormones System
  • Reduce Risks - of Chronic Diseases because of the reduction in radiation. 
  • Live With  - Overall Improved Well-Being
  • Stabilized - Brain Function Leads to Better Decisions 




 The device DOES NOT PROTECT users such as X-Ray technicians or those working at powerful radar facilities requiring extra protection 

 Constant use of ROKKOO  Smart headband optimizes the activity of the central nervous system and may increase creative & analytical capabilities. Increased dreaming activity and lucid dreams may occur. If disturbing dreams occur and are not desirable, it is recommended to wear the headband inside out (the metal side of the band to be touching the skin). 


The fabric is highly conductive. DO NOT allow fabric to come in contact with bare electric wires, outlets or switches.

We don't accept returns based on aesthetic reasons. Only Manufactory defects will be refunded.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”